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  • Who is our Executive Director?
    • William J. Boyd, 'J.B.,' is an aspiring screenwriter and director, his focus on producing classic television style sitcoms and variety shows. J.B. co-won a regional Emmy Award from The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2010.

      J.B. has a Baccalaureate Degree in Broadcast Management. J.B. played the lead role of Henry David Thoreau in the college stage production The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail. J.B. also played Nathan Detroit in the college production of Guys and Dolls. J.B. has a rich, natural, untrained singing voice that he enjoys inflicting, with little or no excuse, on family, friends, pets, random strangers and colleagues alike... usually at the most inappropriate moment.

      J.B. served in the United States military, in various situations starting in 1980. J.B first served in the Navy, then the Air Force and finally in the Army. While in the military, J.B. served as a junior enlisted, a non-commissioned officer and a commissioned officer, commanding a transportation unit. While in the military, J.B. served in broadcast communications slots, providing news and entertainment to US military serving overseas. J.B. retired his military adventures in 2018. J.B.'s writing reflects his intimate knowledge of military life and culture, and most of the plotlines and stories J.B. creates have some military element involved. J.B. has jumped from an airplaine in flight.

      J.B. founded Boyd Broadcasting several years ago as a way to directly produce his broadcast projects, thus avoiding the Hollywood bureaucracy, attitudes and morals which he considers as detrements to natural creativity and sensibility. J.B. feels that God or fate places people, situations and locations in his vision, to be catalogued for future creative use. J.B. commonly asks his friends and acquaintances for their creative, practical and personal insights of the works he produces. J.B. is a leader who strives for a humble heart (sometimes missing the mark) and is a mentor of great patience. J.B. loves a good joke. J.B. is human.

      J.B. states his personal philosophy: "In my life, I've seen many great and wonderful things. Iíve seen things that have provided me with inspiration and have lifted my spirits, my soul and my heart. I've also seen many, many things that are terrible and ugly. Things that would break your heart, crush your spirit and would make your soul cry, and cry very bitterly. I hope my writing more reflects the good that I've seen, without being too sugar-coated or sappy sweet. I love people. And because I love people, I want to leave this world a better place, even if just a tiny bit better, than when I entered it. If my talent for writing can bring some joy to my audience... bring the good and make people forget the bad, then I can die a happy and fulfilled man. If I'm blessed with a gift for storytelling, then that is how I want to return my gift. This is my goal. That is my dream."



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