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  • Camper Project (reality television)
    • A live-to-tape, cross country RV travelogue.

  • Checkpoint Slide (music video)
    • A fun, upbeat PSA music video, styled somewhere in between Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise' and Will Smith's 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' that features clues on how to safely and securely get swiftly through airport security!

  • Deployed! (situation comedy)
    • Chaos and hilarity ensue when an Army National Guard Public Affairs unit is suddenly called to Active Duty... ripped from civilian life and deployed to a tropical combat zone!

  • Dreaming Again (a single episode, romantic drama)
    • In his dreams, beautiful girl haunts Jack, breaking into his everyday reality... or is Jack's dream his true reality?

  • Gloves (dramatic thriller)
    • After performing an unusual autopsy, Dr. Barbara Ryan is able to see personal futures of those who she meets and comes into skin to skin contact.

  • I Believe I Can Fly (action/adventure)
    • Walter, by concentrating only slightly, can levitate objects around him. He can also fly without using any machine or device. When Walter touches another person and remains in contact, that person can also fly with him! How can Walter and his best friend, Jim, make any money from this unusual talent?

  • I Dream Again of Jeannie (situation comedy)
    • An update of the classic comedy television series 'I Dream of Jeannie' that ran from 1965-1970.
      I Dream Again of Jeannie

  • Inherent Responsibility (action/adventure/drama)
    • Accountant, Coley Granger knows he has to take is daughter and disappear after finding where someone or some group has rigged the multi-million-dollar, national lottery. After his discovery, people around Granger start to die. Granger knows he and his daughter are in mortal danger and must hide under new lives and new identities if they're going to survive!

  • Intention & Obstacle (comedic play)
    • A conversation between Joe and Sandra, two office workers who share a cubicle.

  • Kennedy Must Die! (action/adventure)
    • A time traveler is sent to 1963 Texas to repair the time line and insure that U.S. President John Kennedy dies in an assassination attempt in Dallas. If he fails, the USA and the Soviet Union will go to war... and that war will go nuclear!

  • Lepreconnie (situation comedy)
    • While on a training mission, Captain Walter Cross, an Army Chaplain, finds a small pot of gold coins in a tree hollow. Captain Cross begins to believe he's delusional and has that feeling strengthened when he finds and rescues Connie, a beautiful, vivacious, spirited girl who is trapped in a hunter's trap. Connie is enchanted by the kind Army officer and is determined to serve his every wish. In his role as the Post Chaplain at Fort Rogers, Walter's life is conflicted by having a beautiful, magical girl as a live-in servant. Is having a permanent house guest with strange attitudes, customs and a strong attraction to the chaplain worth risking his hard-earned career??

  • Major Changes (deep themed situation comedy)
    • Major Dan Fallstaff is retiring as an Infantry Officer from the U.S. Army at age fifty. An intelligent fast burner who started out enlisted and worked his way up the ranks, Dan excelled in the military. With three combat tours under his belt and a master's degree in logistics, Dan wants to make a clean break with the military and try something else with his life.
      As a military brat, Dan grew up in the military world. his father was a command sergeant major and his mother was an Army nurse. Dan has been living, breathing and working all his life in a highly structured environment. Dan's last posting before he retired was at Fort Custer, California.
      Now, Dan is experiencing a whole, new world where the civilian people around him are aimless, unstructured, disorganized, mostly unfriendly, have absolutely no 'esprit de corps' and don't understand his acerbic brand of military humor. Dan hates watching military movies and TV shows where the male actors need haircuts, the uniforms are wrong, and they are always saluting each other to dramatic background music.
      Through wise investments made during his career, Dan is financially comfortable and has no need to work to maintain himself or pay his alimony ("the deployments killed our marriage"). Yet, after three months of 'doing nothing,' Dan desires to join the civilian workforce. Dan first takes a part-time job at a convenience market but gets fired for breaking company policy when he draws his unauthorized, personal firearm ("I like the Colt .45 ACP. It's what I carried back when I was a sergeant.") on an axe wielding robber. Dan's next job is as an adjunct professor at the local university, teaching History. ("When I was your age, History was an easier subject because there was so much less of it!") He angers the local administrators as he's very opinionated and will not conform to the Political Correctness raging across campus... much to the chagrin of the university staff and the joy of the students! Of course, Dan is eventually fired from this job too.
      Dan suffers from mild PTSD and can't sleep very well, as the memories of his deployments still shake him. While, as an Army Major, he could have stayed back in the rear area during deployments, he preferred to go out with the troops on missions. (I won't ask my Soldiers to do what I wouldn't do myself.) Dan has seen a lot during his wartime service. More than most Americans. Dan saw some things that he can't unsee.
      Dan is fired from each job he takes and begins to question his ability to adapt to a world without unity, direction, discipline, marching, machine guns and war.
      Dan writes an empassioned email to the producers of a television show he's seen, bitching about how they're getting wrong everything that's concerned with the military. Dan is hired by a television production studio as an advisor on the military television show he's been watching, to correct the errors he's spotted. The show is suffering poor ratings and may be cancelled this season. Dan is tasked by the show's sponsor to advise the writers, directors and actors on how they should properly dress, act and converse in their military roles, to bring a sense of reality to the show. This brings him into conflict with the Hollywood types with who he's forced to work. He finds he shares a mutual attraction/repulsion to Moonbeam Chesserant, the female lead actress in the series. ("I'm NOT an ACTRESS!! There's no such word as ACTRESS anymore!! That word is SEXIST!! I'm an ACTOR!!") At one point, Dan loses his cool and yells at the actors and crew on set for repeatedly screwing up his instructions. The director happens to tape Dan's outburst and includes it in the next episode. Due to Dan's contribution, that episode is a hit, receives great reviews, and revives the series chances for renewal next season. Much to his suprise (and the cast's chagrin), Dan is asked and accepts an offer to join the show as a co-starring cast member.

      This is a 'fish out of water' story as Dan tries to adjust his 'dress-right-dress' disciplined personality to working with the pop-culture, loose living Hollywood lifestyle.

  • Now Boarding! (A Musical Comedy)
    • Jack Contrail is a dashing, high-flying airline pilot... a smooth talking, slick operating schmoozer known for his womanizing history. Yet, after so many pointless relationships, he's now ready to settle and start a family. He's fallen for the mercurial Patricia Down, a beautiful airport security officer who is aware of his reputation and is determined to have nothing to do with him. Jack enlists the help of his friend, Robert Mogas, a geeky, socially challenged flight attendant ("Hi, Jack!!"), to convince Patricia that wedding bells are in their shared future. Patricia seeks the council of her very opinionated colleague, Brenda Blastmore, in her struggle to fend off Jack's numerous advances.
      An over-the-top, high-flying musical comedy home based out of Nashville and set in an innocent, pre 9-11 world, Now Boarding! contains so many laughs, music, drama and singing... that you'll know you've booked a first-class ticket on a flight of great musical entertainment!

    • Songs:
      • "Now Boarding! (Overture)"
      • "The Checkpoint Slide/I've Got a Plane To Catch!"
      • "I Feel For You/You Can't Take That!" (The Confiscation Song)
      • "Hi, Jack!"
      • "I'm Afraid to Fly Again"
      • "Amsterdam Don't Give a Damn!"
      • "Delayed for a Week in Old Martinique"
      • "Altitude, Attitude"
      • "Wheels Down"
      • "Now Boarding! (Reprise)"

  • Open in Time (fantasy drama, action/adventure)
    • Unemployed combat veteran James Boyer takes a strange job from a strange man. The clock is ticking when James finds himself thrown back from our time to World War Two, nineteen forty-four France during the Holocaust! His instructions are to find hidden Nazi gold, not to get involved with the locals and do this by a deadline if he is to get back to his own time! The situation complicates when he rescues, and falls in love with L'ouiseau Chaput, a local partisan who the Nazis have targeted for death!

      View some very, very early, pre-production footage for Open in Time. by clicking HERE!! (Warning: there's a 40 second gap close to the end of the footage.)

  • Talent Representation (Representation and marketing for voice/video acting talent)
    • Active representation and marketing for voice and video actors! Boyd Broadcasting seeks to represent new talent worldwide!
    • Join us as we build our team of talented acting professionals! Click HERE!! to get more information and audition instructions! Once you complete the audition process and return the contracts and releases, Boyd Broadcasting will agressively seek lucrative contracts where you can use your talents to earn great rewards!

      Get more information, see an auditon script and audition instructions by clicking HERE!!

  • The Inheritance (dramatic action/adventure)
    • Adelaide Lyon, multi-billion-dollar corporate entrepreneur, passes away under a suspicious tragedy, leaving no heirs to her company and her vast fortune. However, there is an heir! Maria Palmer, a widowed mother whose husband was Army killed in action, is recently hired as a low-level Accounting Assistant for Lyon Industries.
      Maria is unaware that she stands to inherit the very same, global technology company she works for... if she can stay employed there for one year! Against her is Rupert Nelson, CEO of Lyon Industries, who stands to get control of Lyon Industries if he can cause Maria to quit. Nelson assigns Douglas Minton to serve as Maria's boss, with the specific instructions to secretly make Maria's days serving in a cube-farm an absolute hell on earth... so she'll get frusterated and quit!
      However, Maria is a tough and dedicated soul. No matter how many attempts or how Douglas tries to bedevil Maria's working efforts, she sticks with the job... dedicated to her child and her tough work ethic... and the year is about to pass!! As Maria is a strong and enduring soul, CEO Nelson determines that it may take murder to get Maria out of the picture and directs Douglas to do the dirty work!
      And now, will Douglas, who has never, previously let professional ethics or morals stand in his way, go so far as to kill the young, hard-working mother with whom hes fallen in love?

      View a video synopsis of THE INHERITANCE by clicking HERE!!

  • The Returned (mystery)
    • Many times throughout history, people have suddenly vanished without a trace... leaving no note, no body, no explanation, no clue. Their disappearances remained mysteries... until they started returning!

  • Trial Size (light fantasy/adventure)
    • The idea for this story is so good, so rich, rewarding and fun, I don't yet want to 'spill the beans' on this one. So, I guess, you'll just have to wait a bit. But... I can guarantee you'll be happy you waited!!

  • Twenty-Five (mini-series)

    Cowritten with Jack DeLene

    • Four women meet... the first is twenty-five years old, the second is fifty years old, the third is seventy-five years old and the fourth is one hundred years old. But... they are all the same person!


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